Who We Are

The Key to Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works to reintegrate children who have grown up in orphanages back with their families and prevent other children from being placed in orphanages by providing family based care.

Our purpose is to implement programs and preventative systems that break the cycle of poverty and empower families to stay together in order to prevent children being from placed in orphanages.

The Key to Freedom Foundation provides children, youth and the wider community with educational assistance, access to mental health services, community empowerment programs and adult education and upskilling. We encourage, promote and facilitate family-based care and assist with the reintegration of children leaving orphanages to return to their families.

We advocate against the need for children in orphanages and seek to work with local governments and other organisations to reintegrate as many children as possible, whilst educating the public on the damages growing up in orphanages has on children.

There are an estimated 7,000 orphanages in operation throughout Indonesia, with hundreds of those located in Bali, housing tens of thousands of children. Of those children it is estimated that 97% still have one living parent and 76% have both living parents. With this in mind, we have to ask ourselves why children are being separated from their families, their homes and their communities to grow up in initiations where they are subject to all forms of abuse and exploitation. In our opinion, it all comes back to education, and education is The Key to Freedom.

Unfortunately, it’s the families who lack education who are most likely to send their children to orphanages, and who become the targets of orphanage staff who travel around recruiting children. Without government funding for education and other basic needs, families are left with very few choices when it comes to providing for their children. Every parent wants the best for the child, which unfortunately makes them an easy target when it comes to taking children away under the guise of an education and a better life. By educating and empowering families and communities in sustainable ways, we will keep families together and put an end to the orphanage industry.

The Key to Freedom Foundation plans on being a leader in advocating against children being in orphanages, holding corrupt owners and recruiters accountable and educating the public on the orphanage tourism industry.